Paul! I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely loving your products! I have never felt so focused and on top of my game. I have also been dreaming again, I couldn’t tell you the last time I dreamt was over a month ago. You have an incredible product!! I have been telling all of my friends about it.


Jon W.

Enterprise Sales Director

“I was so excited to try Blue Toad Botanicals products because of their passion for functional ingredients and solving consumer problems – what surprised me was how amazing they smelled coming out of the bag (cacao, cinnamon, vanilla)  and of course, how great everything tasted! Well done Blue Toad Team!”


Chloe W.

Neuroscientist | Mushroom Lover

“Thank you – I love the My Focused BRAIN because it really helps me with my focus & energy. As a mom and grandmother (I don’t feel like one), I need all the help I can get juggling my crazy life!” It’s so easy to add to my morning coffee routine – PS: I also love the frother that you shipped!”


Elizabeth M.

Mom | Grandmother

“As a woman in her 80’s, my needs have changed over the past 5 decades and my focus now is adding nutrient-dense foods to my everyday routine w/o compromising taste. I LOVE your Collagen Booster!” I add it to my morning coffee, my orange juice, and sometimes I sprinkle it on my yogurt or ice cream…”


Niela N.

Retired Business Woman

“I have known Pam for 25+ years & I knew that Blue Toad would be a hit. The passion and story behind this new brand was evident the moment Pam explained it to me. The first two products launched are exactly what I needed to continue my health journey & long term goal of finding healthy beauty inside & out…”


Therese M.

Mother | Entrepreneur

At 66, I needed a boost to regain my edge, I turned to Paul Frantelliizzi, who is a widely-recognized expert in the functional food space. I began taking the BRAIN capsules & I had positive results after the first couple of days. I am much more focused, alert and definitely feel that I am regaining the “edge!”


John R.

National Director of Sales




1000 x 1000 Blue Toad Botanicals Amanita Muscaria CAPS 2023

Amanita or “Fly Agaric” has many several known variations, or subspecies. These subspecies are slightly different, some having yellow or white caps, but they are often recognizable by their notable white spots.

Grade “A” Amanita Mushroom caps are used in our Amanita Muscaria & Pantherina extraction process – we call the proprietary blend NeuroAGARIC™.


1000 x 1000 Blue Toad Botanicals Amanita Muscaria CAPS 2023


Blue Toad AMANITA CALM Tincture Offers 2023 I
Blue Toad AMANITA CALM Tincture Offers 2023 II
Blue Toad AMANITA CALM Tincture Offers 2023 III


Are Amanita Mushrooms Legal?

Amanita muscaria is a fully legal mushroom under federal law, and always has been. While psilocybin mushrooms are illegal (Schedule I) in the United States, those that contain Muscimol Amanita Muscaria & Pantherina) as their intoxicating agent are perfectly fine to be sold and purchased, with no restrictions of any kind.

Isn't Microdosing Strictly For Psychedelics?

Great Question. Historically, the concept of microdosing has been associated with mind altering psychedelics (ie: LSD, Psilocybin, DMT, etc.). What the Blue Toad innovation team has done for over 15 years is utilize highly functional “nootropics” in complex formulas to achieve a specific outcome. These outcomes could be a more focused brain, anxiety relief, better sleep and more. Our AMANITA Tincture microdose formula has 10+ ingredients that all work synergistically to produce the desired outcome of modulating anxiety and supporting better sleep.

Do you use Organic Ingredients?

Yes. Blue Toad uses USDA Organic ingredients whenever possible – we believe in the mission of growing and processing organically. Our team has been in the organic space for 20+ years!

Can I Use Your Amanita Microdose Tincture Daily?

Many people do use Amanita as part of their daily ritual, but we always advise to listen to your body and act accordingly. Please check with your health care provider for any potential contraindications.

I am Pregnant, can I take Amanita Microdose Tincture?

Always seek guidance from your healthcare practitioner! We would suggest NOT taking Amanita during pregnancy as a safety precaution.

I am taking Medications for my Anxiety, is this ok?

Always seek guidance from your healthcare practitioner!

Where do you Source Your Ingredients?

All of our key mushrooms are locally or regionally sourced (USA) with Amanita being a potential exception. Amanita can be sourced from Siberia to southern Alaska down through the Rocky Mountains, through Central America, all the way to Andean Colombia.

We also use many other ingredients from around the world – ie: Sri Lanks, Vanuatu, Japan, India, Italy, France, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, etc.

*FDA Warning: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease