Mushrooms and Coffee are a perfect match! The strong and bitter natural flavor of the coffee blends perfectly with organic mushroom powders, or better yet, a mushroom coffee booster! A lot of people are curious about how they can add mushrooms to their coffee, and the Toad is here to help!

Mushrooms are amazing (literally) and different types of mushrooms can help with specific goals. For instance, the Lion’s Mane mushroom has been used for years to enhance focus and elevate energy. The benefits of adding mushrooms into your diet can go far beyond energy and focus, and we encourage you to read more about the incredible benefits of mushrooms here.

Let’s talk about the easiest ways to add mushrooms to your coffee without sacrificing taste!

Option 1: Organic Mushroom Powders

You can find powders of specific mushrooms in just about any local food store! Also, these products are widely available online if you have a specific mushroom or natural flavor that you want in your coffee. However, we know that often mushroom powders can have an off-taste. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious way to add mushrooms to your coffee, check out option 2!

Option 2: Mushroom Coffee Boosters

Mushroom Coffee boosters are similar to mushroom powders, however, they have added natural ingredients to enhance flavor and functionality! For example, our Lion’s Mane and Chaga Coffee Booster also has cocoa powder, Alpha GPC, and more amazing ingredients to create an incredible tasting powder that blends perfectly in your coffee. Some coffee boosters will include collagen or other proteins as well! 

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Option 3: Mushroom Coffee

The last option you have is specialty-packed Mushroom Coffee. Several brands produce mushroom coffee, and some consumers report enjoying the flavor and smoothness of the coffee. 

Regardless of what option you choose, be sure to mix the powder well with either a spoon or a frother. For certain coffee boosters and mushroom powders, you will still want to add your favorite cream or plant-based milk. 

Feeling thirsty yet? Whatever your choice, don’t wait another day to try mushrooms in your coffee! Our coffee boosters are delicious and easy to use, shop now with the link below!

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