Microdosing is quickly becoming a mainstream phenomenon. Self-administration of low doses of psychedelic drugs (Psilocybin, DMT, MDMA, LSD) to improve mental health and wellbeing and enhance cognitive function is known as microdosing. It’s important to note, however, that many other substances can be used this way. A microdose is typically 1/10 to 1/20 of a normal dose of mushrooms, botanicals, cannabis, etc. At Blue Toad, we like to add key components to our microdose routine, like: Ashwagandha, B3/Niacin, Bacopa Monnieri, PEA (Phenethylamine), Cat’s Claw, Green Tea, Nutmeg, 5-HTP, Lion’s Mane, GABA, Hemp Cannabinoids, etc.

The goal is to achieve the positive results of the substance (more focus, energy, and emotional balance) working “sub-perceptually” without the negatives (hallucinations, sensory shifts, and other extreme experiential side effects). Microdosing has become an experimental method some people are choosing to take charge of their productivity, state of mind, and overall well being.

Microdosing psilocybin is consuming small, sub-perceptible amounts typically in the range of 50-250mg of raw mushroom material. Most strains of psilocybin mushrooms (Penis Envy, Burma, Golden Teacher, B+ Cubensis, Blue Meanie, etc.) contain on average 1-1.5% of the active molecule Psilocin. This dosage differs from a recreational dose as users are still able to function without any disruptive effects. In fact, many users report an increase in focus, clarity, creativity, and empathy among many other positive changes. For a consistent experience, it is best to source your microdose product from the same place time after time, or grow your own in a legal environment.

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Here are a few of the most common or discussed benefits:

  • Better focus
  • Higher levels of creativity
  • Relief from depression
  • More energy
  • Less anxiety in social situations
  • Emotional openness
  • Help quitting coffee, pharmaceutical drugs, or other substances
  • Relief from menstrual pain
  • Heightened spiritual awareness

Here are interesting articles regarding the benefits:





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This is one of the most common misconceptions of microdosing. Stimulated visuals typically don’t occur in dosages of less than 1g of psilocybin mushrooms and strong visual hallucinations don’t occur in dosages of less than 3g. Since the amount of Psilocybe cubensis in each typical microdose is a fraction of this, you won’t experience any auditory or visual hallucinations if consumed correctly. In saying this, please remember, every person is different, and many things can affect your experience (food intake, stress levels, etc.)



Take one microdose capsule or weighed powder in the morning for three days “on” and then typically take two days “off”. Taking it too frequently can cause your body to build a tolerance and will lower its overall efficacy. We believe mornings are best because you should feel a “burst” of energy for 1-3 hours. 



Nootropics are natural substances (ie: GABA, Caffeine, L-Theanine, Theobromine, etc.) that may improve cognitive function with little chance of addiction or negative side effects. “Smart drugs” sometimes fall into this category, and are synthetic drugs used to boost brain function. They carry health risks and can be habit-forming. The Toad does NOT recommend smart or synthetic drugs.


The risk when consuming magic magic mushrooms is extremely low and even lower when doses are kept at a micro level. But like all the amazing things in your life — everything in moderation and listen to your body!

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